Website Design

Need a website for your small business created or even a redesign for your current website?  Perhaps you need and want more than what the build-it-yourself sites like Wix can offer you.  T-Soft specializes in web programming and we believe a website is more than a landing page for your business.  Your website should PRODUCE usable data about your customers, GENERATE money for your business and CREATE new customers.


If you are looking for a website designed to sell your products and services on then you need an e-commerce solution.  An e-commerce solution from T-Soft will give you the ability to list literally thousands of products, manage your inventory, accept secure payments and provide customer friendly features such as wish lists and product alerts.  You will have a full featured, PROFESSIONAL product at your fingertips to drive business sales! 

Website Hosting

If T-Soft is designing or has designed your website then our  hosting services are the ones we provided to you.  If you are just looking for a place to host your website files and don't need design work then we would be glad to provide your site hosting.  We partner with Hostek to provide hosting, maintenance and support.  It doesn't matter if you need hosting to park PHP or ASPX files, MySQL or Microsoft SQL databases, SSL security certificates or an email account in your website's name, we can do it!

Website Maintenance

Not finding the time to keep your website updated or is your current developer leaving you hanging with requests you have sent them?  If so, see how we can help keep your site updated and perform any one-time or routine changes you may have.  In many instances we may be able to offer you a software solution to keep your website automatically updated with information allowing you to use those precious hours of labor doing other tasks managing and building your business.

Search Engine Optimization

A website is great to give to your customers to find out information about you, it's even better when those customers FIND you on the internet amongst the vast number of competitors you may likely have.  We do everything from submitting your site to Google and Bing for indexing to optimizing your website for the search engines and any digital advertising you have done.




Website Marketing & Analytics

Looking for direction or someone to take control of marketing your website or deciphering it's traffic data?  We can help you out with services such as Facebook Business Page creation, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords creation and management, Google Analytics and market research.  Our latest tool in the arsenal, HotJar, allows you to literally see how users interact with your website by recording mouse movements and displaying a thermal map of your site showing areas of most and least interest to users.  There are very powerful tools available to understand your customers and we can help you make use of them!